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Big Help Out 2024 - FINAL CALL

Updated: Jun 1

Following the inaugural "Big Help Out" last year to mark the King's Coronation the Lodge is taking part in the "Big Help Out" 2024 initiative which is planned for the weekend of 7th - 9th June 2024 and all brethren and their friends and families are encouraged to take part and make a contribution to this very worthwhile event.

This year the Lodge hopes to raise a substantial amount for Inverclyde Foodbank and all donations (monetary, Toiletries, Foodstuffs) will be gratefully received and can either be handed in at the Lodge on Monday evenings or by contacting the Secretary or any office-bearer and arrangements can be made to uplift all donations.

Please note that the final date for donations to be handed in at the Lodge will be Monday 3rd June 2024.

Freemasons are not unfamiliar with the concept of caring for and supporting others and this enterprise will offer a further opportunity to demonstrate that within our own community here in Inverclyde.

Please remember the lesson of the northeast corner "If you had it would you give it".

Let's give generously brethren.


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