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Visit of Grand Master Mason

Friday 12th April 2024 was a momentous day for the Lodge when the RWM Bro. John W. McKenzie welcomed MW Grand Master Mason Bro. Dr. Joseph J. Morrow who was paying an informal visit to the Lodge.

The Lodge was packed to capacity to witness Bro. Rev. Jonathan C. Fleming being Raised a Master Mason.

Following the ceremonial the MWGMM addressed the brethren with great enthusiasm and delivered a most fitting and inspirational address. The brethren then spent a very happy and convivial hour at harmony.

Left to right: SPGM. Bro. Alan D. Beck, RWPGM. Bro. John W. Black, Bro. Alexander Galbraith, PM., PPGM., Past Substitute Grand Master, RWM Bro. John W. McKenzie, Bro. Rev. Jonathan C. Fleming, MW Grand Master Mason Bro. Dr. Joseph J. Morrow, Lord Lyon King of Arms and IPPGM. Bro. Robin McIntyre,


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